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Posted By Dave on July 8th, 2014


Those who have known me a while will know that I just about kept my body shape in control (mainly in Okinawa through sweating generally due to the heat and humidity) or because of walking so much with my car dying.  It definitely wasn’t due to exercise though!  But after a couple of months of being back in England […]


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Taken: Motivating me into Action

Posted By Dave on July 25th, 2010


Summer is well and truly here in Okinawa, with the temperatures rising and the sun shining.  Checked the weather report at 9am this morning and was told that it was 31°C but that it felt “like 36°C”.  Thankfully the humidity was only 70% and a sea breeze coming through my apartment managed to keep me marginally cool.  Was a great day to just relax and do nothing, and to be honest I didn’t really consider writing an update today.  But then sometimes something happens in a day that motivates you to do something.  It can be speaking to someone, hearing a song that moves you or watching something.  For me it was the latter.

The something in question was a 2008 Luc Besson-written film called Taken.  Have never heard of it until recently but a quiet afternoon made me finally sit down on the sofa and watch it.  And man am I glad I did.  Luc Besson makes some very good films: Leon, The Big Blue and Nikita are 3 films that immediately spring to mind.  And the combination of Luc Besson writing and Liam Neeson in the lead role was bound to make for good viewing.  The film also co-stars Famke Janssen and former Neighbours star, Holly Valance.  I was sure I recognized the former, but haven’t seen her in a film since she was crushing men in her thighs as Xenia Onatopp in Goldeneye.  Anyway, a great film this was and the 93 minutes flew by.

I quite like the spy films and books in general and a spy with a personal grudge is definitely worth seeing.  The latest Bond movie, The Quantum of Solace, is another good example of this.  I took a little time to warm to Neeson in the role, but as soon as the action started I was gripped.  And it just didn’t stop.  There is no time to take a breather and definitely no free seconds to go to the fridge for a drink.  Phonecalls?  Better put your voicemail on and a “Do Not Disturb” sign on the door as you’re not going to want to leave this.

As the credits rolled I was just wanting more and just felt like I should do something.  That sounds very grand and a little pretentious but it’s how I felt afterwards.  Can’t go out and save the world myself but I thought I’d do my little bit and write up on here about something.  Anyway, if you get the chance then please check this film out.  It’s 93 minutes you won’t regret I guarantee.

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Public Service Announcement Regarding Cars

Posted By Dave on July 4th, 2010

Public Service Announcement: If your brake rotor looks like this it is not a good sign:

You can also play “spot the messed up wheel spacer” with today’s post:

Yeah, not good. Please don’t ask as I don’t really want to go into it!   But it’s back together and mobile just about.  The rotor seems a little close to the caliper on that side, but am hoping it’s just me being paranoid and not the wheel bearing going.  There doesn’t seem to be any movement in the wheel so will drive around with it and see how long it takes for something else to fall off.

More to tell you soon!

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