An alternative look at life in the Land of the Rising Sun, coming from its southernmost prefecture, the island of Okinawa.
Posted By Dave on July 8th, 2014


Those who have known me a while will know that I just about kept my body shape in control (mainly in Okinawa through sweating generally due to the heat and humidity) or because of walking so much with my car dying.  It definitely wasn’t due to exercise though!  But after a couple of months of being back in England […]

Posted By Dave on March 7th, 2013

I’ll jump straight in where I left off in my last post, which was at the end of the weigh-ins on a cold and breezy day at the Saitama Super Arena in Tokyo, Japan.  I spent the rest of the day thawing out and then getting ready for the big event the following day.  I […]

Posted By Dave on March 6th, 2013


Well the dust has only just settled and already the UFC bandwagon is making its way to Canada for UFC 158 this coming weekend, but last Sunday morning’s UFC on Fuel TV 8 (called UFC Japan 2013 domestically) has got to be regarded as another success for the organization.  The success and credit has to be put […]

Posted By Dave on February 25th, 2013

Six days away in fact, so I’m getting pretty pumped about my annual trip up to the capital for some fighting action.  It should be another good card, with almost all the Japanese and well-known Asian fighters on the card, and a few lesser-known ones keen to make a name for themselves.  Then a main […]

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Posted By Dave on January 30th, 2013

A little cryptic title for my long-overdue first post in 2013, but I’ll quickly explain.  Having a wisdom tooth removed is not an experience I would wish on many people, yet is something I had to go through this past week. A couple of weeks ago I got a pain at the back of my […]

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Posted By Dave on December 13th, 2012


The Axe Murderer is coming back to Japanese soil!  On March 3rd the UFC will be coming back across the Pacific to the shores of Japan for UFC on Fuel TV 8, and they’ve announced a pretty good fight card for it too, as well as releasing the tickets this afternoon. One year after Benson […]

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Posted By Dave on December 12th, 2012

At 9:51 this morning a rocket was fired from northwestern DPRK into the skies, heading south.  The rocket flew over southern Japan, namely Okinawa and going right over the island of Ishigaki, with the last pieces of debris falling into the ocean near the Philippines, early reports are saying. Whether this was actually an attempted […]

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Posted By Dave on November 27th, 2012

To say my jaw dropped when I read this story was something of an understatement.  Education firm, Pearson, have just released global rankings for the quality of education, which have placed the top 5 countries as: Finland South Korea Hong Kong Japan Singapore With the UK coming in at 6th and the US in 17th. […]

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Posted By Dave on November 15th, 2012


What the rumours were suggesting was confirmed yesterday by the UFC.  After their successful return to Japan for UFC 144 in February of this year, followed by UFC on Fuel TV from Macau this past week, it has been announced that the UFC will be back in Japan early in 2013. The Saitama Super Arena (see […]

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Posted By Dave on October 9th, 2012

Well my student’s progress in the Prince Takamatsu Trophy All Japan Inter-Middle School English Oratorical Contest ended this year at the prefectural level.  It was a big disappointment compared to the success of last year when my student was awarded 6th place in the whole of Japan, but didn’t come as a huge surprise due to […]

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Posted By Dave on September 13th, 2012

Just got one of these in the mail and there is a lot said about this brand of “Tial knock-off” wastegate, mostly by people who’ve never actually had one in their car. So I thought I’d throw up a few pictures and a few thoughts on it, good or bad. First off, the box was […]

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